Cast all your cares upon Him for He careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

Hear this short scenario. A man was going to Kumasi and he was carrying his big luggage on his head as he walked by the roadside. Then a big bus almost empty comes along and the mates says hop in; we are on our way to Kumasi. Now the man is in the bus but he’s still carrying his heavy luggage. Even when he was persuaded by the mate to put down free of charge. He says “I will carry it”. 

Many times that is how we behave with our Heavenly Father. You cast SOME cares on Him instead of ALL and we blame Him for not answering us. I hope I am not speaking to you. We need to cast ALL our cares on Him.


Thursday: Father from today, I refuse to carry some of my burden in Jesus Name.

Friday: All the burdens of my father’s house place on my life, Father carry all for me now in Jesus Name.

Saturday: The failure that happened in the lives of my parents will not happen to me in Jesus Name.

Sunday: I command every pattern of chronic disease in my life to be carried away in the Cross of Calvary in Jesus Name.

#God bless you for using this devotional.


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