And Jacob awaked out of his sleep and he said, surely the Lord is in this place and I knew not. (Genesis 28:16)

One of the greatest mistakes in life is to be in a place where the Lord is and you do not know. What you do not know will pass you by. I wonder how many times you have missed it because you missed the Lord visitation.

Abraham did not miss it. When he saw the three strangers coming, he knew this was from Heavenly throne. I pray that you will not miss his presence in this life. The prophecy to Abraham came to pass very soon!!


Thursday: Oh Lord, those diverting my attention from the place and presence of God, I terminate your appointment in Jesus Name.

Friday: Father, unblock any spiritual dream and let me hear from you now in Jesus Name.

Saturday: Lord Jesus, the spirit of doubt and fear in my heart that does not make me take hold of my destiny be arrested in Jesus Name.

Sunday: Holy Spirit, give me a revelation that will make me say “surely, the Lord is in this place”.

#God bless you for using this devotional.

The long awaited program dubbed Oil of Favour comes off on Sunday 02/08/17 at Uni-Bank Building (top floor), next to KFC, East Legon, Accra-Ghana. Time: 4:00pm. Remember to come along with your oil and invite your friends and relatives.


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